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Green Chapel appears in Normandy

July 14th, 2017 / By: / Industry News

Photos: ©town.and.concrete.

Parisian architectural firm “town. and. concrete.” has created a temporary chapel constructed largely of inflated spheres. The Green Chapel in Normandy, France, sits in a wooded area—itself surrounded by greenery.

The bright green exterior is a combination of flat and round surfaces, made of a polycarbonate material and interrupted by a cross on the front that clearly indicates its purpose as a chapel. The material creates a peaceful setting for worship and contemplation that’s filled with natural light.

According to information posted on, the chapel can be transported. So, with mobility in mind, furniture within the chapel has been reduced to its simplest form.

Its creator, French architect Cyril Lancelin, is specifically interested in habitats and their boundaries. He is working on a range of commissions, mainly private homes.

Photos: ©town.and.concrete.