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Tintex and BRÜCKNER team up to coat knit fabrics

Industry News | June 21, 2017 | By:

A collaboration of coating expertise from Tintex and machining expertise from BRÜCKNER promises to offer temperature uniformity in the treatment of synthetic fiber blends of knitted fabric and gives Tintex’s R & D department a means to develop new fabrics using the new machinery.

At the heart of the collaboration is a stenter with the patented BRÜCKNER split-flow technology including the entry and exit components specifically designed for low-tension fabric transport and sensitive fabric surfaces.

The entry stand of the stenter integrates a newly developed coating unit. It allows the application of stable and unstable foams, as well as pastes, by means of a screen application unit. The machine can also be transformed into a knife-over-cylinder coating system. In this process, the upper draw roller is used as a coating cylinder. This allows somewhat higher application weights for stable foam and pastes to be used with more stable fabrics.

Tintex provides dyeing and knitted finishing services, production and sales for the textile sector. BRÜCKNER produces and distributes machines and lines for the coating and finishing of apparel fabric, technical textiles, nonwovens, glass fabrics and floor coverings.

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