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New director named at Hohenstein’s Institute for Life Science

June 16th, 2017 / By: / Industry News

Dr. Timo Hammer has been appointed to lead the William-Küster Institute for Hygiene, Environment and Medicine, otherwise known as the Institute for Life Science at Hohenstein’s Research and Service Center. In a recent interview, Dr. Hammer, a textile scientist, outlined some of the services Hohenstein currently accomplishes. These include determining effectiveness of antimicrobial fabrics against various bacteria, fungi and viruses; evaluating the biological safety of textiles; and measuring biodegradability and sustainability of fabrics.

In the interview, Dr. Hammer indicated that new services are in the pipeline. “We will be unveiling several new products and innovations this year that have resulted from our research work and from collaboration with our customers.  . . .Our purpose is to grow business for our customers. We provide services, certifications, scientific insights, and custom answers to help our customers attain their goals and protect their brands and reputations in this complicated market,” he said.

Hohenstein has a portfolio of textile testing and certification services throughout their offices and laboratories based in Europe, Asia and America.