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Starlinger unveils eight-shuttle circular loom

June 7th, 2017 / By: / What's New?

Starlinger has introduced a new loom that operates with eight weaving shuttles and features a newly constructed reed. The FX 8.0 circular loom is used for the production of heavy-duty tape fabric. Designed for the production of tubular and flat fabrics with up to 260 grams per square meter, the loom can process polypropylene, HDPE and PET tapes with a working width ranging from 1200 to 1750 millimeters double flat.

Because no sliding parts are used in the loom, it does not require a central lubrication system. This allows the production of fabric for food packaging. Also, its new reed construction minimizes vibrations, reduces the noise level and protects the moving parts. The company says the new loom completes 850 picks per minute, faster than comparable circular looms. It also cites the loom’s reduced energy consumption, reduced wear and tear on parts and its user friendliness.

Starlinger is a Vienna-based engineering company that supplies machinery and complete lines for woven plastic bag production, recycling, and PET extrusion and refinement.