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Germany will host “Sustainable Textile School”

June 2nd, 2017 / By: / EcoNote reports that a “Sustainable Textile School” will be held in Chemnitz, Germany, September 18–20, 2017. Researchers and industry experts will discuss how businesses in the textile industry can develop a more sustainable approach to their operations. In the interests of encouraging the next generation of textile experts, students will be able to participate through special sponsorships.

Sustainability in the textile industry has increased in relevance for consumers and global brands are responding with creating more sustainable practices in their own products and processes.

Additionally, an environmental innovation prize will be awarded at this event. Applicants will be assessed based on cost savings and environmentally friendly processes that can produce high-quality textile products. Environmental friendliness, pollutant emissions during production and circulatory capacity also play a role in the assessment.

The prize will be awarded by and is sponsored by Mumbai, India-based textile consultant Gherzi. For more information, visit