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Fabric pavilion is an invitation to all in Sydney

May 31st, 2017 / By: / Industry News

Photo: Archinect Firms.

As a competition entry for the Archmedium Sydney Rehearsal Follies, French architect Guillaume Mazars submitted a design for a pavilion dedicated to music in the Royal Botanic Garden of Sydney, according to Australian architecture firm Archinect.

Mazars’ musical plaza is covered by a large sail suspended by a network of cables tightened between metallic blades. The roof consists of bands of translucent, waterproof fabric pulled over the cables and joined to create a light and luminous covering. The overall shape echoes the original design of the Sydney Opera House by using a natural geometrical profile.

Having no walls on the pavilion invites people to come and discover the music played by the students of the musical conservatory, generating a common space that can be admired by a broad audience. The intent is to design a low-tech installation to complement the existing opera house and offer an alternative experience to access the musical scene.