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Hyosung launches MIPAN Robic fine

May 19th, 2017 / By: / What's New?

Hyosung has announced a new yarn that it says has 15 to 20 percent higher tenacity than regular nylon in the same deniers. The MIPAN Robic Fine yarn family ranges from 7–15 denier. Hyusong envisions the new yarns will be used for higher tensile strength and abrasion resistance in workwear, military uniforms and bags, backpacks, luggage, shells and sleeping bags, and in apparel for snowboarding, skiing, rock climbing and motorsports.

Other fabrics are in development, including new blends with MIPAN Regen recycled nylon, for higher tenacity plus eco-friendly benefits.

Korean company Hyusong works in a variety of industrial and technology areas, including fibers for clothing, tires, seatbelts and power transmission lines.