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Pitch a tent in a boat

May 18th, 2017 / By: / What's New?

Photos: Raptor Boats.
Photos: Raptor Boats.

Raptor Boats Platform XL combines a boat and a tent, providing anglers with shelter from the elements. The boat is designed for a two-person tent, but the Platform XL features 15 D-rings to accommodate a range of tents or bivouac sacks.

boat with tent2The platform is constructed of four inflatable air decks that form the boat’s base. Eight air chambers act as added security against sinking. The air deck floor consists of thousands of polyester threads stitched between high-strength five-layer PVC in 1100 decitex layers. The threads can hold enormous pressure without deforming, the company says.

boat with tent3The air deck material is the same as that used for established stand-up paddle board brands, but it is thicker by about 8 inches. The thickness creates stability when walking around or standing on the edge of the platform. The floor is capable of supporting over 3500 pounds and is covered in an anti-slip material. About 170 square feet of space can support gear, shelter and crew.