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Portable bridge responds to emergencies

May 2nd, 2017 / By: / What's New?

Photo:, Simon Ortmüller.
Photo:, Simon Ortmüller.

Simeon Ortmüller’s portable bridge may provide crucial minutes to emergency responders who need to access areas cut off from transportation routes. Ortmüller is a young German industrial designer. The bridge, named ACCESS, is anchored to both sides of the moving water. Then the bridge rolls out across the water, led by a flexible floating jetty inflated by compressed air. The fabric bridge deck is supported and stabilized by two ropes. ACCESS incorporates lightweight aluminum pipes that connect and protect all moving parts. The bridge is composed of three pieces designed to fit easily on emergency vehicles.

The bridge may be particularly useful in areas that have little infrastructure, and could be appropriate for a variety of topographies, reducing challenges and response times for emergency workers.