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Running on the red planet

March 24th, 2017 / By: / Out There

Photo: Clement Fernandes
Photo: Clement Fernandes

Y-3 has the answer for people wondering what they’ll wear on their feet the next time they land on Mars. Designer Clement Fernandes has come up with a solution to the 21st-century problem, creating a pair of Y-3 SpaceX concept shoes specifically designed for running on the Red Planet.

The shoe uses an upper made of nylon combined with carbon nanotubes that are activated by the wearer’s body heat and contract the fibers of the nylon to adjust the upper to the feet, creating a tailored fit. The outer sole is made of layers of low-and high-density EVA to provide more cushioning for the stony, uneven surface of Mars.

The gap under the arch and positioning of the cleats lighten the shoe and are meant to give a better stride on sandy ground. Rubber elements strengthen the upper, providing stability in sandstorms and temperatures of negative 52 Celsius. The running shoe also takes into account that the percentage of gravity on Mars is 38 percent of that on Earth.

The shoes aren’t ready for preorder yet, but when runners are ready for Mars, the shoe may be, too.