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Cotton Inc. partners with PurThread for anti-odor fabrics

March 9th, 2017 / By: / Industry News

Cotton incorporated has developed a range of cotton-rich fabrics featuring a permanent anti-odor solution from antimicrobial textile technology provider PurThread.

It forms part of a project to create cotton-based fabrics that maintain their natural qualities, such as feel and uniform color, while also adding performance characteristics, such as odor resistance.

PurThread’s antimicrobial technology incorporates recycled silver salts into staple fiber and filament yarn at the extrusion level. This gives a fabric permanent protection from odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus without changing its physical characteristics.

“Blending PurThread with cotton to offer permanent antimicrobial protection offers tangible benefits; apparel can be worn for longer periods of time between washings, helping to reduce water consumption and energy usage,” said PurThread CEO Lisa Grimes.