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Nanofiber strengthening improves composites

March 2nd, 2017 / By: / What's New?

Nanofiber applications engineer Dr. Gareth Beckermann at Revolution Fibres, New Zealand, says significant advancements have been made by using nanofiber interleaving veils to increase the impact strength, delamination resistance and fatigue life of composites.

Dr. Beckermann notes findings reveal that nanofiber veils may outperform thermoplastic toughening particles and microfiber veils. Nanofiber veils may also improve the mechanical properties of composites containing already toughened resin systems. Veils can also be used for localized reinforcement, as opposed to applying them to the whole part.

Kilwell Fishing Rods and Kiwi Composites currently use Xantu Layr. And the company reports an increase in worldwide demand for nanofiber veils, evidenced by the uptick in requests for the Revolution Fibres strengthening product.

Nanofiber strengthening products are used in everything from Formula One race cars to aerospace products to fishing rods. The company’s electro-spinning technology creates nanofiber out of a range of synthetic and bioderived polymers for commercial product lines, such as filters for ventilation systems, fishing rods and anti-allergy pillow liners.