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‘Luma’ pendant is a fuzzy fiber-optic light ball

Out There | December 19, 2016 | By:

fiber-optic-light-ball2For artists Kevin Siwoff and Lisa Park, light is a material that can be pulled apart, strand by strand. In their latest collaboration, the two have created the “Luma” pendant—a sculpture that emits a calming and dreamlike light through thousands of fiber optic hairs.

Siwoff and Park’s work is directly influenced by their 2015 sound-responsive installation “Luma,” made of 40 dandelion-like hanging sculptures, designed during a residency at the New Museum’s NEW INC incubator and premiered at Red Bull Studios in New York in summer 2015.

Following the success of “Luma,” the artists decided to create a simplified, collectable version. The fiber-optic-light-ballprocess for designing the “Luma” pendant involved an innovative approach to sculptural design: The fibers were spaced by custom software to give them perfect fluffiness and even light. Additionally, the collaborators worked directly with the optical fiber manufacturer to create a fuzzier and true-to-color material, worthy of the most discerning collector.

A year later, after many refinements to the design and materials, the “Luma” pendant is now available in a limited edition of 20 pieces.

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