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Pavegen harvests power from footsteps in Washington, D.C.

EcoNote | December 8, 2016 | By:

London-based “smart flooring” developer Pavegen Systems, whose system generates energy from pedestrian traffic, is working with the U.S. government on an installation in Washington, D.C.

The project includes a trio of Pavegen’s largest “V3” arrays and will be storing the energy from pedestrian footfall at DuPont Circle, one of the city’s most highly trafficked areas. With the technology, the lighting surrounding the area will be completely off-grid and pedestrian-powered.

Pavegen’s technology is a multifunctional flooring system; as people step on the tiles, their weight activates generators that provide off-grid electricity. Additionally, each tile is equipped with a wireless application program interface that transmits real-time movement data analytics, while directly producing power when and where it is needed. Pavegen is also able to connect to a range of mobile devices and building management systems.

In the past year, Pavegen has raised $2.5 million, launched a new product in London and in New York City, and was featured in a music video with hip hop artist and clean-tech entrepreneur Akon.


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