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Patagonia steps up use of recycled materials

November 18th, 2016 / By: / EcoNote

Outdoor brand Patagonia has launched a collection made from more recycled materials. The Re/collection range features ten items, including shirts, coats, fleece vests and skirts, designed to keep the wearer warm, which also use more environmentally responsible materials.

Among the recycled materials used are 100 percent recycled down, 100 percent recycled wool and 100 percent recycled polyester with 85 percent recycled polyester labels, 80 percent recycled zippers and 50 percent recycled buttons.

Its recycled down is “the cornerstone of the collection,” the company says. It’s a mix of goose and duck down reclaimed from used items that can’t be sold, and it offers identical performance benefits to virgin down. The recycled polyester is made from used plastic bottles, unusable manufacturing waste and worn-out garments, including some of Patagonia’s own products.

Patagonia uses wool discarded from sweaters that are shredded into a usable fiber. This makes up 60 percent of the new garment, and is mixed with recycled polyester (30 percent) and recycled nylon (10 percent) to give improved durability. Recycling dyed fabrics keeps them from landfills, but it also saves water and chemicals.