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Customizable wearable technology introduced

Out There | November 18, 2016 | By:

Photos: Xenoma Inc.

Xenoma Inc. wants to make wearable technology more available to the general consumer. The company’s “e-skin” is a platform-based solution for wearable electronics apparel where the number, type and location of sensors can be fully customizable.


A spin-off company from the University of Tokyo, the company is developing human-friendly technologies utilizing study results at academic institutions and the infrastructures available in the industry.

The company’s stretchable circuit technology makes it possible to integrate over 30 sensors on the body that can monitor motion, breathing, pressure, body temperature and other functions.

E-skin is machine washable, durable and as comfortable to wear as a typical shirt. This electronic device is well-insulated from the body to offer superior protection from sweat and moisture, which enables the product to withstand an active lifestyle.

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