3D printed headdress knows brain states

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NEUROTiQ has a catchy name, certainly, but it is an intriguing product. The knitted, 3D printed, EEG brain sensor maps thoughts and exhibits brain states with color. Designed by Kristin Neidlinger, with assistance from Grant Patterson and Nathan Tucker , the eye-catching (and thought-provoking) headdress was 3D modeled and printed by MACHINIC, a digital prototyping and consulting service bureau based in San Francisco, Calif.

According to the company, it worked with the Emotiv Epoc EEG brain sensor, which has 14 points that attach to the wearer’s scalp and monitor brain waves. Neidlinger then created 14 3D-printed, synapse-like light points she calls globules. The colors in the knit fabric headdress show responses to different states of the brain: Delta or deep sleep is red; Theta state or meditation is orange; Alpha is teal green; Beta or consciousness is blue; and Gamma is multi-sensory brain state, so it is blue, purple, and red.

Neidlinger is founder of the wearable technology and fashion design lab, SENSOREE, which “crafts wearable technology and interactive installations promoting ‘externalized intimacy.’”

MACHINIC offers rapid prototyping and model making services including laser cutting, CNC milling, 3D printing and other digital fabrication services. The company works in a variety of markets.



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Elena Kulikova Photography
Elena Kulikova Photography
Photo: Chris Carlone
Photo: Chris Carlone