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New body armor from TenCate

May 11th, 2013 / By: / What's New?

TenCate Advanced Armor North America announces a new line of personal protection products offering higher levels of life-saving capabilities.

The product launch includes soft body armor materials, soft body armor inserts, and hard body armor plates. TenCate Aramid-Shield™ 1000 is a uni-directional aramid ballistic material. TenCate Pro-Tector® 1000 is a woven aramid laminate multi-threat material. The TenCate Themis™ family of soft body armor inserts consists of five models that protect against ballistic, fragmentation, spike and edged blades. The TenCate Cratus™ family of hard body armor plates consists of fourteen models that protect against the full range of handgun, edged blade and rifle threats typically seen in law enforcement and military operational environments.

“Our North American product line, combined with our comprehensive European personal protection products, contribute and enhance our company’s mission of protecting people and their working and living environment,” says Mark Bajko, vice president and general manager.

TenCate develops, designs, produces and markets a range of composite antiballistic protective products. Its product portfolio includes composite and ceramic materials and armor solutions for the protection of police, army, air force, navy and civilian services personnel, vehicles and vessels.