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Teijin develops radiation-shielding aramid fabric

What's New? | April 25, 2013 | By:

Source: Teijin Limited
Source: Teijin Limited

Teijin Limited has developed a new aramid fiber fabric that protects users against X-ray and gamma ray radiation. Starting in May, the company will provide samples to selected customers for applications such as protective clothing and sheet materials used in areas with high radiation levels.

The new Technora fabric is produced by blending radiation-shielding tungsten particles with Teijin’s Technora high strength para-aramid fiber.

Key features include:

  • Superior strength — the product is stronger than polyester despite containing a high concentration of tungsten, which can impair fiber’s mechanical properties.
  • A high level of radiation shielding from the amount of tungsten blended into the aramid fiber.
  • Excellent flexibility and workability properties not present in lead plates or concrete used for radiation shielding.

The tungsten-blended Technora fabric also has a high level of flame resistance compared to regular Technora aramid fabric, making it useful in high-heat working conditions.

Producing a high-density metal filament yarn presents many technical difficulties. Teijin was able to leverage its fiber expertise and polymer and spinning technologies to overcome these challenges.

Lead and lead-containing materials are typically used to shield against radiation, as lead is comparatively inexpensive and offers excellent shielding. However, it poses significant environmental concerns and movement is underway to regulate its use. Tungsten is being increasingly used as a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Visit Teijin’s website to learn more about its tungsten-blended Technora fabric.

Source: Teijin Limited

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