Making any surface an interface

April 24, 2017

IMAGE: Welle Sonar The creators of Welle (pronounced vell-uh) wanted to maximize control of devices and applications. The MaxusTech team came up with a way to allow users’ hands to draw letters and other symbols on any surface to create an interface to control smart devices, such as lights, TVs,

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Foldable touch screens could expand sensor capabilities

April 13, 2017

Picture a tablet that you can fold into the size of a phone and put away in your pocket. Or a “skin” that can sense your body’s movements and vital signs. A new sensor developed at the University of British Columbia (UBC) could help make advanced devices with these capabilities

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Duoskin enables accessible e-tattoos

April 7, 2017

Researchers at MIT have developed a temporary, customizable e-tattoo called Duoskin. Photo: © MIT. In her research as an engineer and artist, Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao blends aesthetic and cultural perspectives into the design of on-body electronics. Currently a Ph.D. student at the MIT Media Lab, she is leading a project to

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Design studio develops new shape-shifting materials

April 4, 2017

Universal Everything has developed a series of short, pasted-hued films, each featuring a different product idea that the studio describes as “emerging technologies of flexible displays, shape-shifting materials and context-aware functionality.” The films have been used on plates that can display the nutritional makeup of the food placed on them

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Running on the red planet

March 24, 2017

Photo: Clement Fernandes Y-3 has the answer for people wondering what they’ll wear on their feet the next time they land on Mars. Designer Clement Fernandes has come up with a solution to the 21st-century problem, creating a pair of Y-3 SpaceX concept shoes specifically designed for running on the

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New from StretchSense: ‘underwearables’

March 10, 2017

StretchSense has announced its latest sensor designed specifically for tight-fitting undergarments like compression clothing or underwear. Sensors in garments worn very close to the body promise to give repeatable and more precise data about the user’s breathing; steps walked or distance run; posture; training technique; muscle tension; and health. Sensors placed

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Thermal conductivity + elasticity = “thubber”

February 24, 2017

Carmel Majidi and Jonathan Malen of Carnegie Mellon University have developed a thermally conductive rubber material that they’ve nicknamed “thubber.” According to information provided by the Carnegie Mellon University College of Engineering, the new material is an electrically insulating composite that exhibits a combination of metal-like thermal conductivity and elasticity similar to soft, biological tissue. And it

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Smart phone app helps design a custom dress

February 10, 2017

A dress designed in collaboration with Google and ivyrevel will soon be the newest offering on the smart clothing market. Photo: Ivyrevel. The H&M-backed Swedish fashion house Ivyrevel has teamed up with Google and MediaMonks to create a personalized garment based on data gathered by a smartphone app. Ivyrevel calls

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Interactive jacket designed for connecting

January 6, 2017

An interactive jacket encourages communication by lighting up according to preferences recorded via smartphone app. Photo: Room for Concepts. Design entrepreneur Henk-Jan Room has created an interactive jacket that’s meant to promote more meaningful human connections. The jacket connects to a smart phone and to social media via an app.

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‘Luma’ pendant is a fuzzy fiber-optic light ball

December 19, 2016

For artists Kevin Siwoff and Lisa Park, light is a material that can be pulled apart, strand by strand. In their latest collaboration, the two have created the “Luma” pendant—a sculpture that emits a calming and dreamlike light through thousands of fiber optic hairs. Siwoff and Park’s work is directly influenced by

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